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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


The mission of Reedley Middle College High School is to provide early access to college and the opportunity to assimilate to college early so that students can persist and complete their education in a post-secondary institution of their choice or begin their career. The purpose of our dual-enrollment program is to assist all students in the successful completion of high school while allowing them to concurrently complete coursework that earns college credit towards the completion of an Associate’s Degree or to complete General Education requirements.



Students attending RMCHS will be offered one of four standards-based course of study with scheduling flexibility for upperclassmen, including online courses. The major pathway courses of study consist of Agricultural Business (AST), Business Administration (AS), General Education (STEM Focus), and General Education Transfer (IGETC).   Students can extend their learning experience through a variety of college courses, access to internships, and service learning projects allowing them to apply the theory to real world scenarios. Students will become responsible informed decision makers as they adapt to their college experience. RMCHS promotes an academic mindset; staff is committed to providing support for different learning styles and guidance for diverse interests.