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Guidance & Counseling » Advanced Placement (AP) vs Dual Enrollment (DE)

Advanced Placement (AP) vs Dual Enrollment (DE)

 Reedley Middle College High School (RMCHS) Administration would like to provide a "fair" explanation on the differences between AP courses and Dual Enrollment courses.  We are attempting to be as least biased as possible so that prospective students and families can make a better informed decision on whether or not to apply for admission to RMCHS. Please click on the PDF document above.


Reedley Middle College High School (RMCHS) provides a school wide dual enrollment program in which students will attend high school on the Reedley College campus and earn a high school diploma while earning college credit concurrently. All students will have the opportunity to work toward a community college certificate, associate degree, or become transfer ready depending on their class selection and completion of college courses. RMCHS pathway of study is for high school students interested in Agricultural Business, Business Administration, General Science, or General Transfer.